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I've been slighty disloyal..

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I've been posting on my Blogger blog lately and quite enjoying it. I only switched to Blogger because several of my friends were using it and I wanted to be able to follow them, but the Dashboard and layout is quite nice! Am still loving Travellerspoint, so don't worry, I'm not disappearing!

I post about travel and everything else, so I'll just link to my latest travels posts and you can read them from there!

Revised Plans
Talking about my new plans here (within USA), and I think these might be the ones we stick with!

USA Retail Therapy
A little retail therapy in this post, but specifically to stores in the USA that aren't here in Australia.

Happy reading!


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Change of plans

I'm moving to Canada!

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Well, if you call living and working there for 5 months 'moving' then okay.

I'm going through Global Work and Travel, who are an international working holiday company with offices in Australia, Canada, America and the UK. I was originally looking to work in London, but after being advised the wages are better in Canada, and wanting to see my family for Christmas I decided to work in Canada instead.

(For those interested in finding out more about a working holiday, check out the GWAT website, or look up IEP in google and STA Travel, these are all great organisations that offer heaps of opportunities for working overseas!)

I've organised my flights, which was a drama, because I had originally booked a return ticket Perth to Albuquerque at Christmas time to see my family. It ended up costing me quite a bit to change my flight, but I think in the end it will definitely be worth it!

My partner will still meet me in Albuquerque to have Christmas with the family, which I'm really looking forward to (last year he was in Holland and I was in Australia for Christmas).

I'll post some more detailed information, and keep a more regular blog from now on, now that my plans are definite!



PS. The snow pictures are amazing, but also slightly terrify me at the same time. I have never snowboarded before..

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Duty Free


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As I was talking to my boss about travelling and buying goods overseas, he brought up the issue of buying things in the USA and bringing them back here, and tax on those items. I was a little confused as to why he would tell me about that, after all, why would there be a problem with the amount of items I buy over in the USA and bring back to Australia?

Apparently there is a problem (if you're planning to do a bit of shopping overseas!). If you go to the Australia Duty Free website, they have what is called an allowance on how much residents can bring back to our country.

Check this out: http://www.firstdutyfree.com.au/105-allowances-on-return-to-australia

What they're saying is (for those who can't be bothered clicking the link):

======Travellers entering Australia (whether return home or visiting from overseas) are entitled to the following limits:

ALCOHOL: Inbound allowance for adult travellers 18 years or over
Each adult is permitted to enter Australia with 2.25 litres of alcoholic beverages (liquor, wine and champagne).

TOBACCO PRODUCTS : Inbound allowance for adult travellers 18 years or over
Each adult is permitted to enter Australia with 250 cigarettes, or 250 grams of cigars or tobacco products.

GENERAL GOODS: Inbound allowance for all travellers.
Each person is permitted to enter Australia with: A$900 (for adult travellers 18 years or over), or A$450 (for travellers under 18 years and aircrew) worth of goods (including gifts, souvenirs, cameras, electronic equipment, leather goods, jewellery, watches and perfume concentrate, sporting goods, but excluding alcohol and cigarettes)
obtained overseas or purchased in Australia on a duty/tax free basis.

How interesting...and quite a shock for me! I'm planning on buying a camera when I get there, and possibly an iPad, as well as clothes/beauty shopping. And just the camera would be over that amount! The amount we are taxed, I've been told, is about 10%, which adds up if you're planning to buy technology, and perfume. ($2500 worth of goods = $250 tax)

Luckily, there are a few sneaky ways around this...

  • When going through customs, hopefully they wont ask about the camera I'll have tucked neatly around my waist, and where I got it from. They generally just assume you already had one when you left for your holiday.
  • Also, they're more likely to take notice of multiple items that are the same, so if when you are buying gifts for family and friends, try to buy different things for each person.
  • I'm still exploring this possibility, but posting certain items over may be cheaper than tax, you'll have to figure that out for yourself, like I am.

Anyways, I thought this might be a useful piece of information for anyone looking to travel soon!


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So, I'm starting this blog as an online travel diary to keep friends and family up to date with my travels!

I'll post pictures whenever I can, and any handy tips I find along the way.

My travel plans so far:

I have booked my ticket for USA in December this year (2011) and almost done paying it off! The trip is official.
I need to apply for a passport, hopefully before I turn 18, because it's half the cost of an adult passport.
I'll be visiting my family in New Mexico and basing myself there for a month.
During that time, I'm hoping to visit New York and see Manhattan, Central Park, Broadway and eat some pizza!
I also would love to go back to Colorado, this time in the winter, so I can go skiing in the Rocky Mountains!
My stopovers are in Tokyo, Japan and Dallas, Texas. I've been to Tokyo Airport before and know it's a lot larger than our little Perth 'City' Airport, so that will be an experience!
I have made a goal not to shop this year, so that I can save my money and stock up when I get to the US. So far, so good. I've only bought a few items of clothing, and they have all been sale items.
I orginally planned to go alone, which is a first for me, but I feel confident. My boyfriend is still deciding whether he'll be able to come or not.
Either way, it will be an amazing holiday, and a much anticipated break from work.


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